Sprayroq, Inc.

Sprayroq is the developer and manufacturer of fast curing structural and chemical resistant polyurethanes for the rehabilitation and protection of underground infrastructure. Our trenchless technology solution provides long asset life, corrosion control, abrasion resistance and NSF 61 approval.

Our products are widely used to protect and rehabilitate structures associated with potable water or sanitary sewer systems. For over two decades, Sprayroq has provided structural rehabilitation and corrosion protection for water and wastewater structures worldwide.

The core products of SprayWall® and SprayShield® are two of several products available and both use the same delivery equipment but are designed and furnished for different markets.

Established water and wastewater markets for our products include municipal, industrial, telecommunication, chemical plants, paper mills, refineries, electrical and power generation customers. The structures associated with these markets include tanks, tunnels, manholes, pipe, flumes, wet wells, pump stations, boxed culverts, junction chambers & vaults. Structures exist as multiple configurations and may be constructed of products including concrete, brick, wood, carbon steel, ductile iron, fiberglass and polyester. SprayWall® and SprayShield®, products in our Waterline Series, are NSF approved for use in potable water systems.

Sprayroq, Inc. partners with contractors worldwide to promote and install these protective coating and lining systems. Sprayroq Certified Partners are licensed, trained and supported by Sprayroq operations technical and marketing staff to efficiently and successfully operate in specific geographic territories.